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Bad Me!


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I just got back from vvvv. I bought a betta(and another African Dwarf Frog). :thud I havent had a betta for about 2 months. I felt really bad for this one. He is so tiny and fire-engine red with purple eyes. He has one white spot on his pectoral fin. His fins are a little ragged, torn, and curled but I couldnt resist. I figure with a little tlc, good food, and a nice,large aquarium he'll do fine. I put him in the frog aquarium which has 6 frogs and a Chinese algea eater. Its a 15 gallon...longer and shorter than average for the frogs. Which reminds me that I have my poor deceased Betta in my freezer until I can bury him in my flower bed. :cry1

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