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Ms Piggy Has Another Problem

Guest queenbee

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Guest queenbee

I was just looking at her and saw that she has this flem type stuff hanging on her gill. It's real thin and flowing. Also her fins are clamped and all her fins are jagged looking. I took a picture of how she is right now. She did eat a little something this morning but didn't venture around the tank like she did the day before. Oh, and it lookes like on her side a couple of round looking cyst things. I don't think you can see it very good in the picture because of her coloring. Most all of the sugar looking things are gone now. I did add a little bit more salt to the water last night but not too much, all together about 1 1/2 tbs. And she looks like she has red streaks in her tail.

I'm going to get on this one site and see if I can find out what these things are. If anyone on here can help me as well, which I know you will as I do appreciate all replies in any of my post's.

Have a good night and safe weekend.

I'll be checking back later.




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