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My Snails Are Eating It !


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I have an amazon sword plant in my tank, my snails have EATEN about 3 holes through one of the leaves. Is this normal ? And is this plant ok for goldies ?

please dont put this in the plants section guys b/c nobody will ever read it

I dont not want these guys eating up my plants, if that is what they will eventually do then any suggestions are worth it

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Do you know what kind of snails you have? I have found the common pond snails worse for eating plants than ramshorn snails.

As for Amazon swords, I have found that my goldfish tend to leave them alone. The pond snails with eat them, though, but not enough to kill the plant.

I don't have any pond snails left in my goldfish tanks, since goldfish can eat them easily, since the shell is very soft.

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touch, I have an ivory, gold and black msytery snail and I have one ramhorn snail that looks like a cinnamon roll. His shell is black and tan in swirls. I dont think that my GF are eating them, I caught the ramhorn eating them

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I have noticed that my ramshorns will graze on the algae and little bits of growth on the leaves of my plants, but not actually eat the plant leaves, unless the leaf is dying or dead. Then they will eat them.

However, maybe you have a more ambitious snail that mine :)

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A while back, I got some info from someone about various snails. I have attached the information that was sent to me. There are some website URLs, too, with tons of information about snails.

Sorry about your plants :(

I think your yellow plant-eating snail is probably a

different variety from the true "mystery snail," aka

Pomacea bridgesii, which are noted for not eating

plants. link:


I believe your yellow snail is probably the yellow

form of Pomacea canaliculata, which I have discovered

(through experience) are voracious plant eaters. They

are also a bit larger than C. bridgesii. link:


I used to have 4 yellow C. canaliculata snails, but I

got tired of them eating the plants, so I traded them

at my local lfs. Now I keep C. bridgesii (mystery

snails,) brown ramshorn snails (about 1" high, I'm not

sure what species they are,) and small pond snails

(also unknown species.) These 3 species don't seem to

eat plants. But giant ramshorn snails (aka Columbian

ramshorns) definitely do eat plants. That's another

variety I traded at the lfs. ;-)

If I were to keep a plant-eating snail, I would want

to keep the largest variety. Pomacea maculata (aka

Pomacea gigas.) link:


I haven't been able to find P. maculata for sale

anywhere, though. Whenever I find "giant apple

snails" or "apple snails" for sale, they always turn

out to be P. canaliculata. One way to tell the

difference is the color of the eggs. P. maculata has

green eggs, while P. canaliculata has bright pink

(almost red) eggs, and P. bridgesii (mystery snail)

has pink eggs.

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