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Fish At The Surface For Air When There Is Plenty?....

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Bah, I accidentily clicked the back button when I was almost done with my post. Made me really mad at that.

Ok Dokey.

Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate levels all normal.

Ph Level: Around 8.0 from tap.

10 Gallon tank running for...er...6-8 months.

Whisper Filter.

2 Fantails, one the size of a nerd's candy box, the other half its size. Yes I know the 10 gallon per fish rule. However, I couldn't stand to let my fish be lonely....I don't have a bigger tank...yet. :P

Well, I could but my parents won't let me. I've been nagging them about this 55 gallon tank for 30 bucks! O.O Naturally they said no, and we didn't have room in out house but.... ;)

Additives: Wardley's Chlor Out additive, removes Chlorine and Chloromines. A PH lower drop, that I add every once in awhile.

Feed Wardley's Premium Flakes, The occasional: Boiled Egg, Grapes, Watermelon

The larger Fantail has a slightly ragged fin, although it doesn't look like fin rot or anything of that sort.


Alrighty then,

Problem: My large Fantail nearly regularly goes up to the surface of the tank, and it swims around with it's mouth open, eating air. This behavior happens even right after I do a water change and there's plenty of oxygen in the water.

Would an airstone do any good? I've been telling my mom about getting an air pump and airstone and all, and the other day we were looking around for one. :D Hopefully I'll get one within this week.

Recent behaivoirs that might give a lead?

-Had been hiding behind the filter in the previous week, but came out and started acting fine whenever I apporached.

-Bullies the smaller one around a bit.

-Is really stupid about finding food.

-Has a slightly ripped tailfin, bought at the store that way.

Thanks for readin' in guys. :)

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Well, it could be lack of oxygen, as funny as it sounds. There are two fish in the tank, and both of them need a big amount of oxygen. Could be that the surface disturbance from the filter isn't enough to provide enough oxygen. The most oxygen exchange happens on the water surface, when it gets disturbed from either the filter or the airstone.

If the behavior still continues after you get the airpump/stone, then there might be something else wrong.

There is anothe thing that comes to my mind: I see you feed flakes - my guess is the fish eat them from the water surface then? They aren't sinking fast enough for the fish to feed in mid water. Those flakes leave a "yummy" residue on the water surface, and it might as well be that the fish just "tastes" that residue and keeps on trying to eat.

Oooor the water temperature is too warm - warm water carries less oxygen than cooler water. How is the temperature? :)

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New Development: Ph Levels are way too high!

Turns out I retested the tap water, and the Ph is 7.4, but my tank has around 8.4-8.8 Ph. Could this be affecting my fish? O_o?

I also soak the flakes until they sink before feeding them to my fish, so I think that's alright.

Er, the temperature has been rather warm, for my fish. I've been trying to cool it down with ice cubes and such, but I don't want to shock my fish nor to I want the suffocating.

Thanks, ^^


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Guest pixiemoon

One of my fantails does the exact same thing-even though i feed only sinking pellets and i have the best filter AND air stones for oxygen.its soooooo annoying as he gulps the air bubbles and then floats around at the top until he has a poo with air bubbles in then hes ok then he eats gasps at the surface again.All the others are fine exept for that one.i know how you feel.ive even thought of putting a netting or something to keep them away from the surface but i wouldnt.

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