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Emergency Dropsy Questions. S.m.f!

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Hello. I dont have much time that I can be online so I maybe wont be able to reply to questions. Please help me! Water parameters, tank sizes, food etc are fine.

A fantail got bigger and its eyes popped out. Probably this is dropsy. So I moved the fish to a quarantine tank with cycled water and cycled filter.

I started medication with Tetra's Goldmed but I heard that its not effective so I bought Waterlife's "OCTOZIN". I added GoldMed yesterday. Is there any way I can quit one medication and start the other or I should complete the first one?

Is Epsom salt the best thing for me now?

Shall I raise the temperature?

Can I add salt or Epsom during any medication?

The sick fish lived together with 2 other fish. I quarantined it yesterday. Is there anything I can do to prevent other fish from getting dropsy too?

Help please! ! !

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Im sorry about your fish K. Hopefully it wont affect the other fish if its a problem with the kidneys.

You can do a 50% water change if you want to change meds but I wouldnt recommend using both meds and salt together in case theres a reaction. I would go instead with the epsom salt at 1/8th of a teaspoon per gallon and slowly raising the temp to 80f.

Good luck.

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Guest FinnyFinnedFriend

Thanks so much!

Would "Melafix" or any other medication help or should I stay to temperature rising and epsom?

(is epsom a brand or what? where can I get it?)

Its a kind of salt, you can find it in the pharmacy section of you local drugstore,

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Guest carolina

I just found this list, so hope I'm doing this right! This is on dropsy - the same subject as the previous message but I'm not sure how to start a new thread on the same issue.

I have a newly set up outdoor pond (18" x 8' round), believe I did all the right things and acquired 13 fairly good sized goldfish a week ago from a bait shop nearby that was going out of business (saved lives of 13 fish). One died after two days - no visible reasons other than I might have overfed them. The 2nd died last night - it had a hole near it's gill - could be eaten by other fish? Another fish I decided was pregnant as she was much fatter than the others and eating very well. However, I had my first good close look at her/him today (the filter/fountain splashing makes it difficult to see them and they've been shy up to this point) and it's scales were sticking out all over and a small dark spot on one side. I went to the Internet and found your site. It appears that it has dropsy from the description and picture. The info doesn't say what that is, or if it's contagious. My husband is a doctor and says that's heart failure in people and the epsom salts is for water retention. I'm preparing to isolate the fish and follow your suggestions (1/8 tsp. epsom salts per gallon of water), including gradually raising the temp. to 80? (the water in the pond is 75? at the moment).

My question is, could this fish possibly be pregnant? it looks the same as the fish with constipation in the picture. How can I tell? Or do I just feed her peas as suggested anyway? Can I use canned peas? or do they have to be frozen and cooked (I seem to remember they have to be peeled). How many? And do I continue to feed her normally in her isolation bucket (with filter and heater)?

FYI, I have another fish pond with 4 koi and 3 fantails that is doing very well, as well as a 20 gal. indoor acquarium with 5 Af. cichlids, two plecostamus' that are growing quite large, and 4-5 algae eaters. I will probably have questions about this later.



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