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Problems With Constipation

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Hi all. :)

I'm having some problems with my moor, Lucifer. Ever since I got him he has been looking quite thin (posted about this before). He shared a tank with other thin looking fish (from the same breeder) and I assumed they weren't being fed enough at the pet shop, and was hoping he'd get bigger after a few months living here. Now he's not only thin, but also has problems processing food. He eats very slowly and I'm worried he might have some problems in his mouth? I've checked but can't see anything, maybe the teeth aren't developing as they should? He's been having this problem since I got him, but back then he just chewed the food and then spat it all back out. When I saw this I figured it could be another reason for him being so thin. At least now he's swallowing it like a good fish.

When I feed him his belly gets a little bigger, but he doesn't poop properly. In fact he doesn't poop at all. The following morning the tank looks as if it all burst out of him, long thick poo everywhere and he's back to being thin again! I've tried the 1 pea+fasting 3 days, it doesn't help. I've also tried the pea-for-7-days method but it doesn't help either. I feed flakes, pellets, peas and other vegetables, two times a day. The other fish is not affected.

Here are some pictures I took today. Sometimes it feels like I'm imaginating him being so thin because his fins are so long, but I find it strange to see him still look so tiny.



I don't know what to do about it! I was hoping it was just a temporary problem but he hasn't grown anything since I got him, which was in january. The recent poo problem is bothering me, I have no clue how to fix it. I've heard about this special food to give them but I don't think that's available where I live. Is there anything else I can do?


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Hi,Can you start by answering the questions up above for us,that way we have a general idea on the set-up and maintainence of your tank. :)

Also,is your fish showing any other signs/symptoms of any sort-Clamped fins-breathing heavy- flashing/scratching against objects-frayed,torn fins-? Can you take a look at his gills,are they red and meaty colored,or kind of pale and tattered looking?

Have you tried cutting his meal portions down to a smaller amount -usually when you see thosae big thick long poops,it's a sign of over feeding.I was thinking maybe less food per portion and maybe a few times a day doing this. :unsure:

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The tank is 180 liter, running for 6 months, water parameters are perfect. No meds or salt added. Lucifer isn't showing any signs of illness except the ones I already mentioned. Gills are bright red.

Yes, I've tried to feed less but more often and it's still the same. It's as if the poop gets stuck in there and doesn't come out until the following day, and by then he's all skinny looking again. Could it be a bacterial infection? Something genetic? He's always been skinny, but didn't have any problems pooping before.

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