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Swim Bladder Disease


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Thought I would ask this question as Blue as many of you know is having probs with his since his anaesthetic.

The current parameters of my tank taken this morning are:

NO3 is 0

NO2 is 0

GH is 16

KH is 6

pH is 7.2

What would be ideal params or are those fine for SBD.

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Is your tank new and still cycling? You should have nitrates showing if its a cycled tank and most tap water contains nitrates so best to test your tap water as well.There is a small chance that swimbladder is affected by high nitrate counts but anything under 25 is fine.

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I always pretreat water with safe guard and safe water this keeps nitrites/nitrates as low as possible.Tank was part changed yesterday.

This is my hosp tank he was removed from main tank due to his condition after his examination procedure under anaesthetic.Plus temps in tank rising far to high with hot weather so trying to keep tank cooler than 84 F as I prefer it at a constant 80 F as recommended by his vet.

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