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I've Got Babies

Guest GolfNut

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Guest GolfNut

Well my panda finally gave in. I noticed eggs all over the place Monday morning.

I took out all the plants and put them in my 20 gallon tank.

Yesterday(Tuesday) I saw the first babies swimming around. That seems a little soon. So I'm thinking they may have been laying eggs earlier than the large mess they made Sunday night.

So I've got fry in the 75 gallon tank with the parents. I'm scooping out as many as I can, and putting them in the 20 gallon. I put some of that fake grassy looking stuff in the 75 gallon for the babies to hide in(At least they will have a chance that way).

I'm wondering how long should I leave all the plants in the 20 gallon? There are so many plants I can't see the babies. How long til it's safe to say all eggs have hatched? I plan to leave some of the plants in there, but I'd like to take a few out, but I want to be sure all the eggs have had thier chance to hatch.



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Guest GolfNut

I'll try to attach a couple pics,...the fry are so little they are hard to see. Boy there sure are a lot of them. I took some of the plants out ofthe nursery tank so I can see what's going on. I started feeding them baby brine shrimp, and some liquid baby food I found at vvvv. Looks like they are trying to eat. Gotta use a magnifying glass to see anything.



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Guest GolfNut

The panda in my signature is the mommy. The daddy is a Calico Fantail (no Wen)

So with the father being Calico I imagine the colors of the babies could be just about anything. My guess is that there will be a lot of calicos,...but there will probably be a few surprises too. I would imagine they will all be fantails.

Looks like the daddy is in the mood to make some more fry,...I don't think mommy is too interested.

Here's a pic of the Daddy


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So cute pics! Congratulations all round. Those babies will be all colors- so pretty.

Do take care of Mom though as after the eggs she may be tired and weak for a while :) .

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