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Side Way Swimming,

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My girlfriends fish is swiming on its side with a buldge (7 year old common, 10 gallon tank, undergravel filter), but acting normally other wise. She doesn't have any testing kits, so can't give specific details but i instructed to do a 30% water change to normalize the water regardless if the water condition (thought it was a safe temporary treatment)...

I was thinking dropsy (in which case this 7 year old fish is dead already, as I don't think she can get a hospital tank and all that is needed), but there was no sitting on the bottom so i kinda ruled that out, so i was thinking amonia posning that that would also result in bottom sitting so ... maybe infection?

If anyone can lend a hand i would greatly appretiate it.


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Without test kits you did the right thing by advising a waterchange :) well done.!!

I dont think it is dropsy unless the fish's scales are sticking out all over the body like a pinecone...can you confirm this?

You also mentioned bottom sitting later in the post...how often?

Swiming on the side could be due to many reasons such as SWD or constipation, or simply orintation towards a light source however the "bulge" aswell sounds suspicious, can you describe it further??

Bottom sitting can also be due to many factors some of which are exaughtion due to late parasites, simply stress, bad water and more.

If there was only one symptom it would be alot easier however as it appears you have side swimming, plus a bulge, plus bottom sitting it becomes more complex.

So as you can see, in order to help without test kits we need a bit more info on the symptoms in as much detail as possible.

In the mean time can you get her to take a sample of water to your LFS and ask them to test it (they will do it for free) but ask them to write the actual numbers down, not just say its "ok range" or not.

This will help alot

If not then any more info would be great

Till then do another waterchange tomorow. Just incase the params were way off, then another 30% cant hurt and may help.

Post back soon

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