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How Many Filters In A .....


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I have 2 Aquaclear 300 running on my 55s, and they are doing a great job! Its 600 gl/h combined of filtration, so its more than perfect. Easy to clean, and if you go buy it online, its only a fraction of the cost compared to store prices. I get the Aquaclar 500 for around $35, so the 300 should be even less. They charge a whopping $ 89 at Petsupermarket!! :thud Crazy! :angry:

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Yeh, like a full test kit, $100 at one store, $70 at another.

ANother perosn recommened them to me too..

I will look around for them online, thanks


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Hi All :hi

I've read quite a few posts about the aquaclear

power filters that overfolw all over the floor and

that many don't recommend them.

Has anybody had this problem and what do you

think causes the overflow. I have a aquaclear

150 on my 10g, a 200 on my 20g and a 300 on

my 40g. To date I've haven't had any problem

and they are very user friendly.

:o I'm really concerned about this happening

because I have all of my tanks in my computer

room on my second floor. Wow if this could happen

then I need to make some changes.

Any ressponses would be appreciated.

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I have the ac 200 on my 20 gal. never had a problem. With weekly maintainance you should not have a problem with the ac. I believe and I could be wrong, the people that had problems with the ac are the ones that have live plants in their tanks. maybe the particles from the plants clogged up the filter and caused this problem. I am personally not interested in live plants at the moment because of the extra maintainance it requires. Maybe in the future like when I am retired. There has also been a post that says they donot start back up after a power shortage. Electricity went out this past summer and when it came back on the filters started back up and were running fine. Never experienced these problems with AC filters. IMO they are great filters. Hope this helps. :)

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Guest goldfix

I had an aqua clear once. I was away for about a month. When I called home, the person staying in my house said my aquarium was leaking.

It was just the foam all gunked up to the point where the water had no place to go but over the back.

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Thanks -- 2befree & goldfix

I mentioned my concern about the negative

posts, but you have eased my mind. :D

I did have a recent problem with my

whisper on the indoor pond, but fortunately

I look carefully at all of my tanks daily to

advert any problems. I found the whisper

slowly flowing around the filler tube so

I pulled it apart and I did find pieces of

a live plant wrapped around my impeller

and that was causing the problem.

The pond is the only tank that I have live

(badly chewed) plants in. I have a few

comets in it and they do a pretty good job

of devouring them.

This morning I took the charcoal pouch out

of my AC 200 and replaaced it with Aqua-pure

filter fiber, I don't know if it will make a great

difference, but I'll be testing the water on a

regular basis to be sure all is well.

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I have a weird filter combination on my 60g tank that works great. One Whisper biowheel hanging filter that is good for a 40g tank or less, and one aquaclear that's rater for a 30g. So that's 70gallon's worth of filtration on a 60g tank!

I like having more than 1 filter in each tank because then when you change a cartridge, there's still the older one in the other filter. I timed it so that there's always an old cartridge in one filt when the other needs changing.

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