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Your 'before & After' Pics

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Francis as a baby.


Francis Now.


Not a huge deal of difference. He has lost some of his original whiteness and he has grown :D

Dustin when I first got him.


Dustin Now.


Heil Dustin! He looks a bit like Hitler with that 'tash!

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I thought it'd be fun to post pics of our goldies when we first got them & now. Be sure to tell how long you have had them!! :)

Here's Big Boy 2 years ago ( I think I had had him a few months!) 2005


Another when he was a baby......that shell is about 2 inches long! 2005


Here he is now!2007


He's about 4 1/2 to 5 inches now....not inc. tail!2007


Let's see your before & after shots! :bounce

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No problem Jeana :D And Bigboy has truly blossomed :)

Heres a little itsy bitsy panda telescope I bought 7 months ago in August 2006IMGP0595.jpg

2 months later pandababe.jpg

And now IMGP0712.jpgHe is just 7 months old - 2 inches- and proud DADDY of his own 3 little fry!! :rockon:yikes

Am still in shock about this :wub:

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I am sure I have shown fry pics here before... but they grow and grow...

Here are my 2 little calicos that I thought were females, they are both males! :D

Gullmer March 2006


Gullmer Jan 2007


Goldie March 2006


Goldie Jan 2007 (ignore the dirty glass!)


They have both turned out to be good examples of shu-comets or whatever they are... :rofl

A bit stunted I think since their younger siblings has outgrown them. But these 2 will be 2 years this summer! Can't believe it, seem like yesterday they were teeny weeny fry! :heart:heart

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my oldest fish is probally peaches, even though there isnt a really good way of telling. He is an all orange short-tail ryukin. I visited about 10 stores looking for a fish. peaches was at the first store. after all the stores, peaches stuck in my mind, and i went back to get him. His name is peaches because in person, he is a really peachy color. He is about 5 inches with tail


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My Turn! This is Feather in October:


And Feather now:


I had assumed that he wasn't growing at all, but i can see a little change. Still, he hasn't grown much at all since I got him last May. He is a year old now. I'm curious as to why he has not grown.

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Mars is the only one of my fish that has shown any significant difference.

Here is Mars a few days after I bought him on November 15, '05. 1" long.


Here he is in spring of '06. 1 1/2" long. I call this his 'Hitler' stage since he has a little mustache and it looks like he has a toupee.


Oct 4, so about 6 months ago, tripled in size since I bought him 10 1/2 months ago. 3" long.


Just so I don't re-post exactly. Here is Mars now. Just over 3"

Not the best shot, but yeah.


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Sushi on Jan 28, 2007


Sushi on April 9, 2007

(he is DEFINETLY growing, which is more than I could say before, so I'm satisfied, even if he hasn't had a huge growth spurt like some of the other little monsters on here)


Toro on Jan 28, 2007

(he's always been the big one)


Toro on April 9, 2007

(DEFINETLY growing. Hard to tell but his wen is growing too, woo)


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How big is he now, his wen looks great.

Thanks :heart . He's getting pretty big now, his body is about the size of a very large egg..probably not the best description but it's the morning and my brain's not working too well yet. His wen is getting massive too, I switched him to hikari, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. It is literally constantly growing, I'm starting to worry that he'll tip over :rofl


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Guest Halloween


Sai at just a few days after buying him in June 2006


Sai as of just a couple days ago.

Do you think he's part Ryukin at all? Or just a really well fed Fantail. He was sold as a Fantail, and he looked like one but now, he's got this hump on his back that makes him look Ryukin.. What do you think?


He's not as spangly anymore but just as dumb! Awww, love you goldfish, you know I don't mean it!!

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I just found this thread again and thought I should post pics of Boggles and Pip

Pip before


Boggles before


Boggles and Pip now


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