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Your 'before & After' Pics

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i just have to say i LOVE this thread!!!! :heart it gives me hopes that some of my medium sized orandas will be giants one day!!! :) hopefully i will post a picture of them soon! :)

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Heres Emsley (panda.. I'd had him for about 2 weeks) and Devereoux (when I first got her).


Heres Devereoux now.. not changed much really, just gone rather orange! (pic isnt very clear so I made it smaller)


aaaaand Emsley and his colour change, from panda to orangy lemon head!


Edit: aaaaahh its huge! :blink:

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Wow what a fun thread!! Here are some of my babies. Not a huge growth difference in some but a lot of color difference.

Panda Before ::


Panda After (Guess I should change his name now!) ::


Skully Before ::


Skully Now ::


Vladmir Before ::


Vladimir Now ::


And more!

Delancey Before ::


Delancey Now ::


Radish Before ::


Radish Now ::


Mango Before ::


Mango Now ::


And Last But Not Least Waddles!

Before ::


Now ::


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Thanks Dells!! I wish Panda woulda kept his black too. Hes still cute!!!

I also just noticed my pics are a bit large.. Hope it wont be a problem. I tried to make 2 different posts but for some reason they got merged together?

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I think black is the color goldies TEASE us with! We see it in the Petstore and say Wow isn't that pretty! We take home the fish, it grows usually the black disappears.......but by then we are way to far in :heart with them to even remember that the color caught our attention in the 1st place!! :lol:

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Erin, I think u might wanna think about exposing ur fish to sunlight. They all showing some colour-loss, especialy Radish, such a shame his bright red is now orange.

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your fish grows big in 9months..what do you feed them?

The fantail grows enormous, but I was expecting more from the ranchu :D

Feed them the usual lah. Pellets (Tung Hoi, Hikari Lionhead, Sera Goldy Royal, Hikari Wheat Germ), HBH Algae wafer, brine shrimp, Bloodworms, peas, greenwater, and they (unfortunately) also munched on my Java fern and Anubias :D


exposing fish to sunlight will reduce the color? i thought it helps them improve their coloration? correct me if i am wrong..

U got it reversed there. I advised Erin to expose her fish to sunlight cos' they seem to experience colour loss :lol:

Sunlight will no doubt improve the colouration

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ok... i FINALLY found an old picture of my pedro from about a year ago... at this point, i had all ready had him for about a year at the time... but he had been in a horribly overstocked 30 gallon... then i got my new tank and he had a pretty dramatic growth spurt!!! now he is the giant of my 60 gallon!!! :)

before... 5/2005 apprx. 4 inches inc. tail


after... 3/2005 apprx. 7 inches inc. tail


i think it is kinda neat how he looks blue eyed in these pics... unfortuneatly, that is just a camera trick... but i :heart him anyway!!! :)

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Guest Shubunkin Queen
:yikes What a beautiful big guy you have. I think the deep coluring on him looks stunning I bet pedro does really stand out in the tanks.
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