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Your 'before & After' Pics

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Salem when I first got him:


And now, 4 years later:


Lunar and Indigo when I first got them (at a year old):


Indigo at about 2 1/2 years old, just before he moved into my friends pond:


And Lunar now, at about 5 1/2 years old:


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I don't have size pics from when I first got them, sorry! But They were no bigger than 8cm head to tail.

This is Bubbles when I got him and Momo in February 2012


This is him now. The picture was taken about two weeks ago :)


This is Momo when I got him


And him a few weeks ago :)


And this is his current colour change


Mr Bigglesworth when I got him in June 2012


And Him a few weeks ago! :)


Very nice growth, Narny! :D

beautiful, alex!

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Guest nicole*
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Baby Chai




Chai today( a year later)

BPn5h4xl.jpg (She rips this plant out every day. I put it back, every day.)



QVqnrI9l.jpg (her eyes are going through an awkward growth spurt. :P)

She never stood still when she was younger and still doesn't.. It's impossible to get a good photo of her. :rofl

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Basil a little over a year ago:

Posted Image

Baby a little over a year ago:

Posted Image

Basil and Baby now:

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

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Here's two of my most noticeably changed fish!

Here's Zombie in a 3g tank when we first got him (he's the black one. The white one Widget, didn't make it.)


This is him now, 9 months later, he's changed color and doubled in size!


This is Toxic, my bronze colored Oranda when we first got him in July


Trust me, he was tiny. Here he is now!


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Here is mine... Only posted because I could not believe I actually took pictures back then. It makes me regret not taking any pics of my favourite ones that passed away. But at least I have Redd.

Here is Redd the feeder I got from Petco. The camera says 2/21 so it's almost a year! Here he is when I got him with other feeders who did not make it sadly. He is the only one left of the bunch. As you can see, he had this black thing which went away right after I got him all cleaned up. I am not sure if they were ammonia burns or what. But I was hoping he would stay that black since it looked good but it went all away haha.

This was the 29 gallon I first had.



And here he is now, a year later in his 55 gallon:



Just like people.... you don't notice a change until you really look and look at pictures... I always thought he was that little feeder but actually when I try to grab him now... he is as big as my hand so I cannot cup him LOL. I love Redd and hope he and the others will stay with me for a good while.

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Been wanting to post on here since forever, so here it goes...

This is Georgie 7/7/2013 approx 11.5cm



And this is him today at 17.3cm



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