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Guest patchthefantail

I was reading some of people's posts on goldfish breeding and noticed the same thing yall were talking about is the same thing my fish were doing. When we still had cold weather they were chasing eachother alot but nothing ever happened.

Now the females will never have an identity problem and start chasing other fish will they? If they don't then I know that two are females and two are males don't know about the last one though. Cause my big orange one was chasing my white shubunkin and my black moore was chasing my calico fantail. But my orange common was never being chased and was never chasing anybody. But since I didn't really know about goldfish breeding yet I never knew to slowly warm up the water.

I think what I may do eventually when I'm able to afford it I'm going to try and breed my goldfish. They don't have to be the same kind to breed do they??

But I'd have to wait cause I'm going to have to get the spare tank, the plant and the right food to feed the fry and while they're spawning and i'm most likely gonna be on and off on here making posts to make sure i'm doing it right. lol

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