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Plants And Coppersafe?


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i have a 20 gal tank that houses my comet and a 5 1/2 1nch(fully grown) razorback musk turtle. so as you can imagine, my biological filter works doubletime spewing out nitrates. to help combat this i recently added a small bundle of plants w/roots hanging in the water to one side of my tank. it consists of spiderplant, some sort of ivyish looking plant, and whatever those plants are that they top betta vases with. in fact the whole bundle came from a betta vase.

my question is: can i use coppersafe by mardel to treat my tank and still keep the plants there too?

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2) Copper safe:

    Contains copper, so I had my doubts, I know it is not great for plants and bad for inverts (my Malaysian snails aerate their roots). However, I've read mixed reviews about it on the web--some planted people use it in very low concentrations with few problems. It supposedly also eradicates algae problems in ponds when very dilute, but I try not to add stuff to my water unless really necessary. It does not seem to have any adverse effects on sick fish and does control the disease, though not quite as fast as malachite green


So if you needed to treat the tank at a normal dosage it could kill your plants :(

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