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Hi. i have a white telescope living on his own in a 19 gallon tank.

no sign of any illness. all is well with water - i've had him for about 3 yrs now in the same tank and set-up.

he is at the bottom of tank and appears to be gasping - shaking his head once in awhile. dorsal fin upright etc..

i am convinced he has a stone stuck inside - i've tried holding him and looking in but cant see anything in there - his mouth is constantly open and his gills are going like the clappers.

any idea of what i can do?

many thanks


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Hi Amanda, is there any way you can place him in a shallow tub (of tank water) and try lifting him so his head is down and body is angled up. I had to do this to try and work out if one of my moors had a rock in his mouth and as soon as he was angled forward, the rock came to the opening of his mouth and i pulled it out with blunt edged tweezers.

If this doesn't help, you could also try gently holding him in your left hand so that his mouth is facing you and with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, gently hold each corner of his mouth so that his mouth stays open while you have a look in there. It's sort of like a delicate pinch with not too much pressure whch will hold the mouth open for a couple of seconds.

Please post back after you've had a good look :)

PS. How big is your fish?

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Hi Jen

this is a nightmare.

he now has some blood on the inside of one of his bubble eyes!

i cannot see a thing in there..

he has his head leaning forward all the time as it is.. it really looks like he has something that he is tryign to get out - but he cant.. and i cant see anything in there..

he's quite big. the size of my hand

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What you may be seeing is symptoms of another problem. So lets take a step back and start at the beginning. Is there any way you can post as many answers to the questions in the red box? I suspect what you're seeing could the affects of something bacterial but will need some answers first.

In addition to the questions in the red box:

How does his poop look? Stringy/white? Or solid and coloured?

Is he losing any weight at all?

Is he still eating well? Or does he spit out his food?

How much blood is in his eye? Is it a dot of red or is it filling up?

So, please let us know what your current water quality is and give as much info as you can and we'll try to figure this out :)

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