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My New Fish!


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Some of you might remember I was looking for mollies for my 28 gallon tank that has danios and corys. Well, I was shopping around last night, and I was at vvvv (whose mollies looked terrible) and saw a tank of little cherry barbs. They were so cute.. and looked so healthy.. I just had to get them!

I got 4 of them... all males, I think, since they were the brightest red ones. They seem perfectly happy together, even without many places to hide. They're in the only extra tank I have, a 20 gallon extra high tank. So they have 20 gallons all to themselves.. and they're each about 3/4 to 1 inch long.

I love their color, and the shape of their fins.. they're so round and cute. I've heard that they do well with danios (which was a concern, not too many fish can handle hyper-active danios!).

They aren't eating much yet, but they're still stressed out I'm sure.

Here's a picture of 3 of them in the unheated bucket the poor things were in last night until I got the q-tank all set up.


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I love barbs and I have 8 of them, although no Cherrys. I was thinking about getting 2 the other day. Yours may just have persuaded me! lol

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