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Blood Worms,frozeen Blood Worms Ect. . ..

Black oranda

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I was planing to get some frozeen blood worms

or some thing for my betta


what is most recommended?

how mutch will it coast?

Is live food better for them or do i just feed

it to them like once a week for a treat?

I never boguht any thing else then

the flacks and i think he finds them boring to eat lol.....

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Guest Cheese Specialist

Hi Black Oranda!

I just got my fishes some frozen live food yesterday! It is something that you should only give them once a week. Not as a treat really, but so they have a more balanced diet. I have decided to give my fishes frozen spinach on Wednesdays and a live one (water fleas, bloodworm, tubifex or brine shrimp) on the weekend. I got a 'tropical quintet' for about ?2.50 and you get loads! 4 meals of each (and I have 25 tropical fish), it's made by MBF. I don't know where you are but I'm sure that there is an equivalent.

I hope this helps, I'm just glad that I'm not the only one to be just starting to feed my fish frozen live stuff! I thought it would be really grim (I am a veggie to make matters worse!) but I think it'll be ok. You don't even have to defrost it in a cup or anything if you don't want as it defrosts really quickly in the tank (not that it gets much of a chance!). In my petshop they showed me how it's doen which was basically to plop it in the tank and then they go mad!!!! :ymmu

Let me know how you get on, I'll post again when I've fed them bloodworm tomorrow. :unsure:

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Guest Cheese Specialist


I fed my fishes bloodworms today. It wasn't too grim although they did smell funny. :blink: My tropical fish ate them with gutso! My coldwater fishes weren't fussed so I gave them some flakes to compensate!

I am getting quite into feeding them different stuff. I gave them some wholemeal bread from my sandwich which they liked. I gave them all some peas today which went down well. My weather loach eat some out of my hand which I have never done before!! I wasjust putting them in and he came up and I just held it out to him!! Yay! I love it when you feel you've connected with them! I also put a hunk of cucumber (zuchinni?) weighted down with a rock in with the tropicals, they are not eating the cucumber itself but the bits that are falling away from it.

Please let me know how you get on and any tips/tricks or prefrences you might learn!


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