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Fish Has Been Swimming Upside Down And Is Listless

Guest SminiFish

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Guest SminiFish

Checked in on Uno this evening when I got home, and did a water change and vacuumed the gravel. He seems to be in better spirits tonight-he isn't sitting on the bottom of the tank but swimming around a bit. The water parameters are good! Ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0, and nitrAte is 20. He is finished with the Prazi-Pro Treatment so I put the carbon filters back in the Penguin. The Eheim cannister is working well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he is on the road to recovery! :goldfish:

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Guest SminiFish

Sorry for the long absence. Things have been busy around here lately.

How long does it take for a fish to finally re-adjust to good water quality after being through what poor Uno has been through? He has been quite lethargic during the last few days. I know that Uno has been through a lot and that he is still trying to re-adjust, but tonight when I got home, he scared me as I thought he was dead! He was laying on the bottom of the tank upside down towards the back of the tank. I've also noticed him hanging out at the bottom of the tank directly under where the aquarium heater is located. The weird thing is that at night, he seems to perk up and swim around. The water parameters have been great and Cajun is acting fine (although he has that weird white dot on his head again that I had descibed earlier in this thread). Do you think Uno may have lasting effects from what he had to endure in the tank the last couple of months?

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It took Dory several weeks. Beyond that, I'm not sure what your next step is, since, fortunately, DOry and I didn't have to cross that bridge.

What temps are you running your tank at?

Any salt at all at this point or just good clean water?

I assume your chemistry is showing perfect?

Glad to here Cajun is doing well.

How does Uno act if you make the room and tank dark during the day? Dory was VERY sensitive to light for a month or so; even thou Uno is blind - who knows???


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Guest SminiFish

Hi Dave,

I'm so sorry for the long abscence! In the last few weeks I've changed jobs, had graduations to go to, schools out, etc. My internet and e-mail time went out the door! I'm finally now getting caught up on all my e-mail and communications.

Uno and Cajun are doing well! The nitrates every once in a while still get out of whack, but I just do lots of water changes and it seems to help bring things back in line. I'm cleaning the tank every week and I'm trying to go easy on the food. I'm thinking I should probably clean their tank twice a week to help keep the nitrates in order. Ammonia and nitrites have been 0, which is great.

How are your Dory and Nemo? I hope all is well with them. I just want to thank you again Dave for sticking with us and helping us through this difficult time. Without all of your help and support, we wouldn't have been able to get through this. You are the best and I hope we can stay in touch through this message board. Take care and I hope to talk to you soon!


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