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Tropical Competition For Fun


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And the winner of our second Tropical Photo Competition is...

With 12 votes: Touchofsky, with her photo of a dojo loach.


Congratulations!!! Now tell us a little about this fish.


Followed by:

Tinkerbell's Krib Cichlid (10)

Balashark's Silver Sharks (9)

Sandy's Koi Angelfish (8)

DGolem's Panda Cory & Kissy's Honey Gourami w/ 2 Black Neons (4)

Monkeyknuckle's Dragonfish (3)

Dev's Horseface Loach, X-Lucy-Fish-X's Bronze Cory, & Weirdo27's Bristlenose Plec (2)

Voting is now closed for this competition. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a success!

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Wow, I can't believe that I won this. The competition was so stiff with such great photos and a very close vote count!

Congratulations to everyone on the great photos.

This is a picture of my dojo loach Pussywillow. Pussywillow came to live with me a little over two years ago. He shares a 30 gallon tank with his fellow dojo, Cattail and goldfish, Merlin and Twinkle.

Pussywillow is the smaller of the two dojos and is very animated. He loves to bury himself in the gravel and only have a tiny bit of his tail sticking out. This is always a bit scary when I do gravel vacs :o I have to watch the little devil very carefully. Funny, because Cattail never buries herself in the gravel.

I am only guessing at their sexes, but Pussywillow is much smaller and thinner than the chubby Cattail eventhough they were much the same size when purchased a couple of years ago.

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