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When looking for pellets, make sure you find some that says *sinking* on the package. Hikari lionhead enhancer is excellent pellet food, so is Bioblend for goldfish from Marineland. They are soft and sink right away. You can soak the Hikari food without the pellets falling apart, Bioblend does not need any soaking.

There is also Progold, that is perfect food, although if soaked too long, it just turns into mush. The latter one you can find at Goldfishconnection.com, the rest is available at vvvv.

Floating food is not the ideal food for goldfish. Even when soaked, it will hang out on the surface. When goldfish eat their meals on the water surface, they are proned to take air in with the food, and that air can cause them problems, like swimbladder disease. Same thing with flake food, it floats too long. The only exception that I had great success with in flake food are the seafood flakes from the goldfishconnection. That is high quality flake food, and when I have it inbetween my fingers and hold it into the tank water, it sinks.... :)

Give them a treat once in a while with frozen bloodworms, krill or daphnia, and you make them the happiest fish on earth! :D

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