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Tropical Competition For Fun

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Thanks to all those who entered pictures for our Tropical Competition For Fun.

Everyone is invited to click on the link below, which will direct you to an online poll where you may vote for your favorite pic.


You may click on the thumbnail pictures in the poll to see a larger image of the fish. Voting will run for approximately 2 weeks. The winner of the contest will be announced here on April 1st.

Good Luck Everyone.

--if anyone has any trouble accessing the poll or the results, let me know.

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thanks crazy mama ;) (hey, since you didn't enter a pic for the contest you're now obligated to put up a recent one of baby Zoey!). :please

glad to hear it's working. i swear when i started i made sure i could put the poll right into a post using html, but i had to put it on my website from school instead.

oh well. now i just need a mod or helper with a spare minute that could pin this for the next two weeks for me if it's not too much trouble... :)

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LOL ok ok.. I will make a thread of a new pic of zoey just for you justin.. haha.

And if you have another contest I will enter. I didnt want to enter twice in a row. Let someone else take the prize and I will try again next time. Like the pic of the week rules.

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i knew it couldn't be this easy... ummm, lemme think.

ok, we could trust people to only vote once.

we could hold off voting until koko comes on and can change the board settings to allow more than 6 choices per poll, just long enough for me to set up voting, then switch it back. i know it can be done, but only durring an Admin CP session.

we could do it heats. i personally don't like this option so much because it puts to much dependance on what heat you get placed into in my opinion. but,,, this would also be the easiest and quickest fix to my little problem.

and the last option, i know how to set up a poll in which you have to sign up to vote in. this i the only way of voting outside of koko's and ensuring that everyone only votes once. it would take me a day or two to get it set up, but if we don't want to bother koko to change the poll settings here, it might be the best option if you don't want to do it in heats.

maybe i should start a poll to see what everyone thinks would work the best ;) i'm open to any input here guys...

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:( my pics all fuzzled

couldnt you.. like.. make two polls, make sure everyone knows there are two polls, only to vote in one of them.. then go by the number of people that have voted instead of the percentage (as that would be wrong, being two polls!)?

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to view results without voting, click here


[edit] that doesn't have the number of votes, just the percentage, so if ur interested.

weather loach - 12

koi angel - 6

krib - 6

balas - 6

panda cory - 4

gourami w/ tetras - 3

dragon fish - 3

bronze cory - 2

horseface loach - 2

plec- 2

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