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What Would You Rather?


Which out of these would you rather have in your tank?  

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  1. 1. Which out of these would you rather have in your tank?

    • Bubble Wall
    • Bubble Discs
    • Air Stones
    • A Ornament (A Ship)

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I have a bubble wall spanning the back of my 55 gallon. I have a balck backround and the bubbles helps my tank look a little brighter. I also have one for my 10 gallon but its not running at the moment. <_<

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Guest Goldylover

never tried a bubble wall. i'll have to get one sometime. right now i have three air stones in the tank. I also had (i took them out for awhile) a big butt (can't say the other word but you know what i'm talkin bout) real plant, a smal little blue rock, and toy that looks like a twisted tree trunk w/out leaves. lol, it was fun to watch them play with it but right now they're sick, so they havn't touched them in awhile. :( oh well.

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Guest PetLover333

I voted for the air stone, but I dont know <_< . I LOVE the way the bubble walls look in tanks with ONLY gravel, but I had a really long bubble wall on the back wall of my tank(a tropical, with angel fish & such), and I had really tall plants in the back that reached the top of the water, and whenever I turned the wall on it would push the plants WAY over, like bend them, oh yeah, they were plastic so damage wasnt a problem, it just looked really weird & annoying, the angels LOVED it though :P they would do the funniest thing! They would go to the top of the bubbles then swim DOWNWARD, AGAINST the flow of the bubbles!!! :lol: Like they loved the challenge or something, it was TOO cute!!!!! (it was when they were itty bitty babies, their bodies(not including their angel fins) were only like the size of a nickle or a quarter, so sweet.

I just thought of it, I've never had "fancy" goldfish, I've only had the "cloe" kind from the carnival when I was a little girl. The fancy, with their long flowing tails, seem REALLY pretty, though.


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