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15 Gal For Commons And Comets


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A question about 10 - 15 gals for gf

I have 2 commons and 2 comets in a 20Gal :(

With this 10 - 15 gals, if u dont have that amount, what does it mean?

Do they need that much room to swim around, or that much room because they produce alot of waste?

Because if it is because of waste.. ill just clean the tank out more. (I am cleaning it out 8 gallons a week)

My commons are getting HUGE

I should be upgrading in feburary.


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Waste is part of the reason. size is another part commons and comets can grow to 9-12" long. so they need the space and a good clean tank. just think about it there swimming in there own poop. Not good when the tank doesnt have enough water in there to help keep them healthy and not enough filtration on the tank either :)

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