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Water Dechlorinator

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I'm confused about how I've been measuring my dechlorinator. I think I've been doing it wrong.

This came up as part of another thread and now I think I've been silly.

I always thought that you just had to treat the amount of "new" water you were adding to the tank during a water change. Is it the entire volume of the tank that needs to be treated?

My product says "10ml per 100L of water for new set ups or when doing a water change".

So this is what I have been doing(in a 100L tank)...if I change 50L then I add 5ml of product. Thus only treating the "new" water. If I change 50L should I be adding 10ml thus treating the whole tank? Isn't the remaining water already treated from the last time?

Does that make sense? :blink:

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If you're changing water with a device like a python, or pouring untreated water directly into your tank, then you should add enough dechlorinator to treat the entire volume of the tank. But If you're doing water changes with buckets, then just add enough dechlorinator to treat the volume of each bucket.

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