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I'm Deffinately Cleaning The Filter From Now On

Guest Shiari

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If you could see my fish right now, I'm sure you'd agree that they are the happiest fish on earth. >.<

I'd been noticing that the water in the tub where my fish are kept was a bit cloudy the past few weeks, despite water changes. So I go in, lift one of the sponges from the 50 gallon filter and....

the water pouring from it was pitch black.

Needless to say, I was horrified. I unplugged the filter and rushed it to the bathroom to clean in. I must have spent at least ten minutes rinsing out that horrible black sludge from the bottom and from the filter material. The only thing that I can think of that could have caused it is that when I last changed the filter media (the floss stuff and carbon), I forgot to rinse the little dealy before sticking it in the filter. And so, all of the carbon particles settled to the bottom and began clogging the filter.

It's running 100% better now.

My poor fish!

I totally learned my lesson with this one. Yeesh.

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Did you know that you should never ever rinse your filter media in tap water? The chlorine etc in it will kill all your bio-bugs and you will need to recycle your tank again if you do. Instead, you should rinse it in a little tank water.

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