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Mani My Little Moor Looks Like She Might Have Ich!

Guest Shubunkin Queen

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Guest Shubunkin Queen

The fish has a couple of small tiny white spots on her. I would not have noticed then if she wasnt black and if I didnt have the light on her tank on. She is about an 1 and a half inches to 2 inches and is in a 7 to 8 gallon tank at the moment. I bought her three days ago.

The tank has been running for two days so the water cycle hasnt kicked in properly yet. I have been adding treatments in getting rid of Ammonia and the tank has a small internal filter a rio 150.

If it is ICH what can i use to treat it and how do I treat her with the products.

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We need for you to answer all the questions above. Thanks.

With ich salt is the best and safest treatment, however you need to have perfect water.

After posting your params we can advise further.

Parasite clear is another product that is good for ich but we should first focus on the water, for that is probably causing the ich.

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