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Red Bumps...

Guest Veronique

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Guest Veronique

I'm a member of a very small fish forum, and I'm the main source of help *eep!*. But now one girl is asking for help because her fish have red spots/bumps. She says that they don't seem to actually bother her goldfish much, but they are spreading slowly. Frankly, I don't know what it might be (though I think it sounds like some kind of parasite). Anybody have any ideas? She didn't give me any details about her aquarium except that it is 230 gallons (lucky bum!) and has "a few" fish. I'll try to get more info about that in the meantime.

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As you well know, Veronique, it is nearly impossible to properly diagnose a problem without as much information as possible. That is why, here on Koko's, we ask so many questions. Water quality or parameters will, nearly every time, give you a good hint as to either what is happening or what is contributing to problems.

First, I would encourage your friend to come here and post her problem herself. IT is very difficult to help, third hand.

That said, other than poor water problems, that need to be addressed by water changes or filtration, etc. , there are a few standard "blanket" type treatments that can be done for a fish if no actual problem can be identified.

That said, she should remove the fish from the big volumed tank/pond and isolate it in a quarantine tank. This tank, ideally, should be a water volume that is an increment of 10 gallons - depending on the fish's size, etc. Most medications come in 10 gallon treatments as well as calculating measurements of other treatments are far easier if done in 10's.

ONce the fish is isolated, (as long as there is NO zeolite in her system), she can treat with a .3% salt solution in the tank. This cannot hurt and may help - at least it may stall off what is going on until it can be sorted out more effectively.


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