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Good News And Bad News

Guest Pondandfish

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Guest Pondandfish

Good News!

My Kois had spawn again for the third time in three years.

Actually I force or induce them to spawn this time.

Took out other kois except for three biggest one. One of them is a butterfly. :nana

Set the heater to 74 degrees.

Now five days later, ten thousands eggs in the 75 gal tank.

Looking at the eggs, it seems like only 3-5 percent unfertilized. :rolleyes:

Added a some antifugus drops, hopefully this helps.

Bad news is lots of work ahead with hatching brime shrimps and feeding.

I am already so busy with feeding five different tanks now. :unsure:


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Guest Pondandfish

I will be very happy with 10-20 good offsprings. :newfish

Whos has time for so much fish.

First koi spawn, couple of thousand eggs hatched. Too much to handle and end up with 70+ kois.

Pond and Fish :yeah:

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Guest Pondandfish

No, too much work to sell.

Still trying to get rid of the distint smell of spawning. yuke!

Hate the smell of fish in the house.

I give away kois to friends and family.

Most of them don't want any fish.

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Guest Pondandfish

Update on my fry.

Setup was four different tanks with different water qualities.

Main tank- lost thousands of fry on hatch day(s) with keeping 75% of the old cycle water from the tank. Cleaned now and restocked. (the smell was killing me) :ill

I was disappointed at first with the 99.9% died fry from this tank. But soon after was shock by the numbers that made it in the other tanks. :o

Tank 2=Eggs separated to new tanks with 50% or more fresh water was good.

Tank 3=Eggs separated to new tanks with 75% or more fresh water was even better.

Tank 4=Eggs separated to a 100% cycle water was best. :yeah:

This tank had fish in it. I had relocated all the fish and place a plactic plant with eggs into this tank. The fry seems to be in the best health with well cycled tanks.

The current number of fries is between 1000-1300. :newfish

The die off rate for tank 2 and 3 is about 2-5 a day.

I can not tell if any die in tank 4 because is a decorated tank with gavel.

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