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Help Plz Can I Mix My Babies?

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Hi... I am moving house and putting all my stuff in storage untill the end of the year... ne way where I will b staying I dont have much room....

ATM I have 2 tanks one tropical (almost empty) and a goldfish tank. I was wondering if it would b ok to put the few tropicals in with the goldfish as I dont have room for the tropical tank.

I have a handfull of guppys in there and a bristle nose catfish. Can I ad the heater 2 the goldfish tank or wont they like that much? Also would they eat the guppys???

Im all ears :listen: ne one help me out?


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The guppys and goldies would not be good. The goldies will eat anything that will fit in their mouths. That and goldies and tropicals have very different needs..temperature and food being two of them. Could the bristlecose cat fish you mentioned be a bristlenosed pleco? If it is a bristlenosed pleco he'd get along fine with the goldies.

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