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Heater Cover


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I need to move my 2 snails into quarantine for a week as I need to treat my main tank.

The weather is freezing here at the moment so I need to add a heater to their temporary tank to keep them warm. Problem is I have no cover for the heater. If they crawled on it, which they would...BURN!

Has anyone any suggestions as to how to cover the heater to make this a safe situation?


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Im not so sure they would burn at all. Even though heaters can heat VERY hot while not submerged, the temp of the water in the tank will actually cool the glass as fast as it can heat up. All in all, heaters are mainly only known for burning the delicate fins of veiltails and bettas. For instance, I have a couple fo Dojos that like the wedge their bodies in betweent he heater and the tankwall. they have never been burned and they have sat in that spot for hours at a time.......... ;)

If your only worried about snails, I wouldn't worry at all. Besides, even if burning WAS a factor with the heater, they have very sensetive nerves in their "foot" and wouldn't sit on a "hot-spot" very very long..... :lol:

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