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Meet Czolgosz


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ok, in keeping with my current snail-naming theme, here's czolgosz (pronounced chol-goz), or LC for short. he's in my 20 gallon aquarium right now, doing very well exploring every inch of that tank.

so without further ado


if anyone can help me out, i bought him a couple days ago under the label golden mystery snail from a different shop, but he looks like a bridgesii to me. so my question is this, is there a difference between the mystery snail (LC) and 'apple' snail (ruby and oswald) other than what the pet store feels like writing on the card :) and if so, how can you tell them apart?

also, an update on ruby and oswald, the night i posted their pics they both got ahold of pellets that i fed that night. both of them sat still eating their entire pellet. the whole next day neither of them moved more than an inch or two. i'd say 2 days after that, they've both grown a little, you can see new shell growth on both of 'em! yay :)

[edit] typo

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Woah, what a name!

Cute little snail you got there. :) Definitely a Brig.

"Apple snail" is the name for the family Ampullariidae.

"Mystery snail" is a pet-store misnomer that came from the fact that pet stores received snails and didn't know what kind they were, so they made up this name. They also made up "Inca" snails, etc. These are usually the species Pomacea bridgesii , aka Brigs or Bridgs (sometimes we find a Cana, Pomacea canaliculata at a pet store under this name, but this appears to be rare).

"Apple snails" is usually another misnomer by pet stores. Usually these are also Brigs, but these are often Canas as well. Canas are larger, have flatter spires with deeper grooves between the whorls than Brigs do, and a few other differences. I recommend poking around http://www.applesnail.net (look in the Species section) for a more detailed description.

Just to put it in perspective... I'll give you a dog example. (The best kind!)

"Apple snail (Ampullariidae)" = "Canidae" [Family]

"Pomacea" = "Canis" [Genus]

"Bridgesii" or "Canaliculata" = "Lupus Familiaris" (this is the domestic dog). [species.. so technically here "Lupus" is the species and "Familiaris" is the sub-species, but for this purpose let's pretend it's all one.]

Then after that, the individual colors of Brigs and Canas could be compared to the different breeds of dog. [Varieties/color varieties, still able to interbreed.]

So confusing, sorry!

Wow, new shell after 2 days? They must love their new home, congrats!

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wow, thanks airwen! i thought it was something along those lines (although i thought apple snail, bridg, and most mystery snails were all the same species, w/ like trumpets, canas, etc being other species instead of all being at the breed level in ur example), so thanks for explaining it to me. :)

and i think my water out of the tap is pretty high in minerals as it is, tastes like ... and i added a little of the calcium suplement on top of that. all three are still so small, maybe a half inch in diameter. lc's pretty strong tho, you see that purple stone in the middle of the tank, he was rolling that around to the front of the tank by pushing into it w/ the front of his shell.

thanks tink and magic. i'll tell ya, i'm bout this close to buying a new aquarium just for snails. :krazy: prolly won't, but they're just so fun to watch.

for those that don't know, leon czolgosz assassinated then-president mckinley in 1901 at the pan-american exposition mckinley was attending in buffalo, ny.

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