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Okay so I've read all the how-to threads about breeding goldfish. About the feedings, about lowering then raising temperature, about sexing, about having correct ph.

and I know I have 2 males with breeding stars and one female. They're all 5+ inches...they are fed well. The Ph is correct. The temperature constantly changes here so it cools and warms up about 6 or 7 degrees everyday naturally. The moor always chases her. Always. The Ryukin started chasing her about a week ago. He now has breeding stars.

But with months of the moor chasing her, nothing has happened. I've heard that they will do 'mock-spawning' for a few days before the spawning. But that's basically all they do. What can i do to get them over the 'hump.'

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Well, i have 3 males that actively chase my female, i notice a huge increase in the chasing with about a 4-5? temperature change. The males will get so that they seem like they might seriously damage your female, they will pin her against areas to rub on her and often keep her from food. An increase in proteins also seems to help with spawing, you might try frozen bloodworms and such.

Id say, give them some time, and it will happen when you least expect it. Like me, i had no babies for a long long time, and now i have so many i do not know what to do with them all! :krazy:

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