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Help! Fish Is Sick...

Guest Goldiebabe

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Guest Goldiebabe


I have had this goldfish for almost 7 years now. For most of this time, it was in a pretty dirty bowl that we did not clean very regularly (yes, I know, shame on me). Finally we decided it was time to get a new one because the other one was just getting too hard to clean. We did not use a filter before. This new bowl is 2 gallons. We also had to move her to a different location for two reasons: [1] the new bowl would not fit where the old one was, because it is a bit bigger and [2] we just got a new puppy and we are afraid that she will knock over the fish one day. First we put her even closer to a window, but it was iffy if the dog might find her there, so we put her farther back. I'm not sure she really gets sunlight, because even though the room has a lot of windows, the fish is pretty far back and it is a big room. We just got this new bowl about 2 weeks ago.

We got the bowl nice and clean, and my dad found an old filter of his that he decided to use. It has the name "metaframe" on it and "hush I". I think this is very old. The fish food we use is Wardley Goldfish Crumbles and Hartz Staple Flake Food. We have used these for a while. We feed both, a couple times a day, not too often, but the Goldfish Crumble more.

Now my fish is not eating, and this morning was not really moving, but he is now. We set the filter to only blow air because he seemed to be having trouble respirating.

We haven't checked the water quality levels yet, we don't really have anything for that yet.

Oh yah, this is a Fancy Goldfish.

Please help with anything you can, I'm sorry I don't have a lot of information I love this fish and I wish I had taken better care of her! :heart

Thank you


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Emily hello and welcome.

Sorry to hear that your gf is sick. Wow 7 years old, that is good considering his/her environment.

I don't want to sound bad, but considering that the fish has lived his whole life in a bowl, you are very lucky he is still here.

Unfortunetly life in a bowl severly restricts a fish's health and well being, therefore may have continued problems.

Once again I say you are very "lucky" he hasn't already died.

I will start my advice off by saying that indeed he needs at least 10 gals of water, a filter that is working (new) and the water to be tested once daily until all problems are gone.

GF produce a lot of waste, therefore making them ill. If he has lived this long in a tiny space, he may not recover even given him the best of environments. But it is worth a try, if you want him to recover.

Are you able to help him by getting him a 10 gal tank and filter?

Until then, I recommend that you change 100% of his water everyday. Forget the filter it isn't going to do any good in only a tiny bow. Sorry that is the truth.

Also no med is going to work, this fish needs top notch water quality in order for him to make it.

I will check back later for your post. Hang in there, remember change his water asap. Make sure to temp match it and use a water conditioner

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Hi Emily,

Hopefully you can find what you need at your Local Pet Shop (LPS). A ten gallon can be as little as $10.

When I started I didn't know all the p's and q's about quality goldfish care and because of that I lost 2 beautiful orando's.

This site is fabulous and everyone is SOOOO helpful, it's always fish first here.

Koko and other moderators do their best to help newbies and longtimers alike.

Good luck and keep us posted ;)


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