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Mixing Of Meds


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Ammonia : 0

Nitrite : 0

Nitrate : 20

PH : 8.4 <----- Problem

6 gal 2 weeks

Aqua Tech 100gph

20%change every 2-3 days 50% every week and a half

1 Fantail about 1 1/2 inches



No new fish

Peas and Wardlesy Goldfish Slow sinking Crumbles

Shes acting like shes tired

The problem Im having is with the PH levels. Now I have something to regulate them, called Neutral Regulator which the employee at the LFS said would work on it. But I got home and remembered that Im treating her with Melafix at the moment. Im unsure as to how the two things will mix and Im afraid to do it.

Does anyone know if this would harm my fish at all? Or should I jsut wait untill Im done with the melafix treatments in about 3 days?

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Ok, you want to be very careful messing with the ph. What is the ph out of the tap water?

If a fish is doing good in a higher or lower ph than optimal then it is best not to mess with it.

As fish can easily die from ph bouncing around. Post back and we'll see if you should use that product or not.

Also knowing your hardness will tell us a lot of info.

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Ok, since the ph is 8.4 coming out of the tap I wouldn't mess with it. That ph is a little high, but if the fish are use to it then it should be ok.

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