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Bubbles !


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I got a bubble wall, and a poster yesterday :)

My goldfish love the bubbles, so instead of putting on the wall, i stuck it to the floor. They swim in it all day and plus, it didnt cost much.

I bought a:

1 x Air Pump Masterpet 90 Litres Per Hour - $15.30

1 x Air Bubble Wall 14" - $18.60

1 x Air Check Valve Single Aqua One - $3.15

1 x Airline Tubing Silicone - $1.65

1 x Background 2Ft - $8.60

Total Including GST;) - $47.30

(Australian Money)

Worth is for me :)


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:lol: I've had both types but have just recently used them. My fish love them also. I have a calico oranda who will just float as soon as she reaches the bubbles, once out of the bubbles, she starts all over again. They just love playing in them, it almost makes them forget I took the gravel out of the tank. (I've switched over to river rocks.)
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Guest PikaKyosei

Ever since watching Finding Nemo we've been on the quest for a treasure chest. Hehe (My Bubbles!)

It's harder than you'd think to find one with out a diver attached to it.

But yes, we have one, and my fishy loves it, along with an areator bubble stone

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