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My Poor Baby Koi..*sniff*


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Hey...EveryOne....I Need Ya Help..PLZzzzzz

Okey..I have two koi that is living in a 55gl or 45 something like that tank...well..I 2 day past i notice my two koi itch and rub them self on my gravel..like 2 or 3 hrs..I have them kinda long..they r only 3 1/2 inches only..have they got alilo bit big..I change my water every once a week like a 25% or 35%...Okey..I was Woundering..can I salt my tank and go buy a heater??...i having a Guts feeling that they might gonna have ick or parasite...My water is Good..so..i donnno...any idea's???Thankyou.. :heart:(

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Need to know your tests really as making sure the water is at its best is the first step to getting them better.

Theres a big red box at the top for you to copy and paste and fill in. If you dont have any test kits then your local pet store can test a sample of water for you.

Do you have aquarium salt or kosher or pickling salt?

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