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Hospital Tank Warm/transfer Tank Cold

Guest amysue

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Hello. I was recently treating one of my commons for a mysterious disease involving bilateral lumps in the abdomenal area, mild pineconing and lethargy. He is a 4.5" 7 year old fish. (kinda stunted, huh?)

Anyway, responded beautifully to salt, Maracyn 2 and metro-gold. Looks completely normal and is eating his medicated food with great glee. He has been in isolation for 2 1/2 weeks. Current teatment is only the salt and medicated food, which I plan to stop today.

So, the question is..oh parameters of both tanks...ammonia, nitrite 0. Nitrates are 60 in the transfer 60 gallon and 20 in his tank. I don't seem to have my pH kit in a findable locale, so don't know that one. The big difference is Temperature. Oh, both tanks have been up and running for years.

I have slowly cooled the hospital tank (only 10 gallons) over 5-6 days and it won't go any cooder than 68 degrees. The 60 gallon is at 64 degrees.

So, finally the question. How warm do I need to heat the 60 gallon before Robin can safely join his friends?

Thanx, Amy

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Hi amysue it has been awhile since I seen you on!!!

I would say that if the water is within 2-3 degrees of each other that should be ok. Anything more than that is risky.

Maybe mix some of both waters together for the transfer.

I do notice thought that one tank's nitrates are way too high. AT 60 the fish is going to have major problems. I would get that down to at least 40 but 20 would be better.

Nitrates should never be greater than 20 without the fish starting to have probs.

Keep in touch.

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Yep, my nitrate is too high. That reading was actually before my weekly water change...but it would still be to high. I am overstocked...until I have some fatalities which I seem to avoid most times....I will be overstocked.

If I pick up my water changes to twice weekly, my fish seem much too stressed by all the commotion and completely hide....perhaps that is just a rationalization, maybe I find with 3 dogs, 3 cats, 4 tanks and a 5 year old, doesn't fit into my life all that well!!!

I tried adding plants, but it gets so hot in my tanks in the summer, I couldn't use the plant lights enough to allow those to flourish. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks for the nudge...will try a little harder on the nitrates. They are under control in the other three tanks!!! Also thank you for responding. I haven't been on much...felt the place was becoming painfully clique-y! You have always been very helpful and open to all. Thanx!!!

I think I will be moving Robin back home tomorrow! A

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