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Guest rikkivicki

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Guest rikkivicki

my daughter recieved 2 goldfish for christmas and at first they were doing well and yesturday one of them started hanging out at the bottom, but would come and eat, but today he is not eating and just hanging out by heater and now the other one is looking bad. please help!

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Hi rikkivicki and :welcome

Yes, some answers to the questions in the red box will help enormously although one thing you can try is an immediate waterchange.

Without knowing any of the details - they're possibly in a tank that isn't cycled? and if so, they'll be falling prey to toxic water.

So for now, possibly a big waterchange using a tap conditioner/matching the temperature may help enormously.

Then will wait for you to post back some more details such as water parameters, tank size, filtration, frequency of waterchanges etc...

Please post back soon :)

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