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My Funny Little Celestial


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very very cute, i love celestials aswell, i have one boy that was no bigger then my pinky finger when i got him about 1 .5 years ago, and now he is huge  at least 6 inches and the girth width is about 2 inches,  and he has been one of my most hardiest fish, never ever a problem with him.  best fish in health and temprement. :)   thumbs up for cellies.


Wow - i'd love to see a picture of your boy :heart

And barb - they're really such wonderful fish and the only problem they have is finding food... i think they'd have more luck if they did it on their backs. Maddy was in a tank with a couple of my slower blackmoors and still she always missed out on food <sigh> so I had to buy another tank for her :D

And as for a name, I really thinkl he's a Percy :D Plus it's easy to say :lol:

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