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Another 40g

New to gold's

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Hi all:

I haven't been on the board for a while as I was building

a stand for my new 40g tank. I'm happy to let you all

know that i've finally finished the stand and I have set up

the tank and it's going through the cycle. I added a dose

of bio-spira to the tank after the third day and I have

actually added two commons to the tank on the 8th day.

I will be testing the water tomorrow to see what the

ammonia, nitrates and nitrites readings are. I'll let you

know whats happening as time goes by. Thanks to you all

for continuing to post good information.....

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Thanks you all.

Pictures will be coming soon, but my stand is a simple

one that I just put together to hold the tank up off of the

floor. I guess since I'm still a new guy I will have to e-mail

any pictures to Koko so she can post them.

I just wanted to let you know that I tested the water

on 11/19/03 an what to my surprise the ammonia, nitrates,

nitrites were all at O, and my HR ph was at 7.8. :rockon

Sounds like I'll be hitting the lfs this weekend.

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