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Tiny Tim


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My little rescue has been filling out nicely over the fall...he's is starting to take on a ryukin-type body shape it seems. I thought he was going to have a fairly flat back to start out, but I was wrong.


(bad lighting, sorry--he's mostly white not yellow lol)


I'm still working on figuring out how to make my digicam take good closeups. At least I got the first one from today in focus lol now I just have to work on not having everything come out too dark <_<

Here is Tiny just after being braught home:



I think I'm going to have to get used to saying she instead of he...looks like the name will probably have to be Timmette, as was suspected a while back :o

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Thanks all :) I'm waiting for him to get as big as Willy now heheh

He's getting close...


Had them out briefly for some tank rennovation today. Not really a mini next to the school bus any more :blink: Willy's gonna have some competition soon if that growth rate keeps up lol.

Aww he's so cute! His coloration reminds me of my telescope Moe: He's just a little squirt in this picutre!

Cuteness! I have a soft spot for little telescopes now. There was a time when I thought they looked kinda funny but of course they've grown on me :lol: How big is Moe now?

EDIT: I am having issues with quote tags...sorry. I keep forgetting whether I hit the button at the top or bottom of the post I want to quote :ignore

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