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My Red Cap...

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One day i had just fed my fish. I come in about an hour later...and i find my red cap oranda with his hood sucked in the filter opening. He looked so scared and was there motionless, but with his eyes wide open. I unplugged the filter and he swimmed to the corner and stayed there. I picked him out of the water a little bit later, didn't want to stress him too much right then, i picked him up and the area that was stuck on the filter was swollen a little bit, but fine besides that.

He seemed fine untill about a week later, i look at him and the swollen area had turned BLACK around the edges. I checked to see if it was debree, but it wasn't. I waited a few days and it went away by itself.

The filter was my 120 gph one and i had two other 330gph filters on. The big filters had the strainers on them, but never figured i'd need a strainer in my small one since I've used it without a strainer with little fish with no problem, and this was a 5 inch fish. But i learned my lesson. and you guys should too...


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