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Brine Shrimp


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I've got some brine shrimp eggs leftover from my batch of frys. I have no where to use them though. Can I just hatch them and raise em? What do i feed them?

Actually, I've hatched a couple of them in a small critterbox and placed some pellets in there. I know they're filter feeders so i just crush up the pellets and let them get mushed up in the water. They're now alive for 24hrs so I hope they'll do well.

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They are hybrids of brine and are not the same as you hatch for feeding purposes...

Are they Brine Shrimp?

Because fish eat and thrive on brine shrimp, for years they were collected as eggs or alive, to be sold as an aquarium "food." Although all along, brine shrimp had the very qualities that would, at a later date, make them one of the most desirable pets ever sold, it simply never "dawned" on anyone to consider them as anything other "fish food". Now, thanks to

Sea-Monkeys, this attitude has changed.

Although Sea-Monkeys are a species of brine shrimp, they are unique. We not only unlocked the most elusive secrets of their life cycle, we created new formulas to keep them alive under conditions found in the average home?an accomplishment never before achieved! Finally, after years of crossbreeding, we developed a hybrid. These amazing new hybrids grow larger and live longer than any "natural" variety of brine shrimp.

Here is the link with the above information....


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