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Cutting Food Up Necessary?


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Apples are way too hard for goldfish to pick pieces off. The only things you can put in for them to pick off are things that are easy(soft) for them like lettuce(its thin and easy to rip), bananas, watermelon, oranges, brocoli florets(not the stalks unless you boil them). Anything that is hard or has a crunch(like raw cauliflower, carrots) needs to be boiled a little to soften them up. Apples are hard, but I think if you chopped it into little bite size pieces they could eat it. I would probably boil it a little too just to make sure its easy for them to eat. I suppose as long as you boiled the hard things you could go ahead and put larger pieces in for them to pick off of it. After all, they only have their "lips" to rip things off with. Their teeth are all the way at the back of their throats so it isn't like they can tear hard things apart.

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