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3 New Fish!


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Ok, so I got some new goldfish for my tank and they are very nice! I am going to try to put some pics up here...(im bad at this stuff :blink: )

Alright....my first fish is a red oranda and his name is George


Heres another photo of George


And my second fish is a black and red oranda and his name is Farley (the pic is a little crappy tho)


My third new fish is a feeder fish :crp but i rescued him from being eaten and named him Jimbo


And here is another picture of Farley, George, and one of my two older fish Janet (Janet's fins arent in that great of condition, but shes getting better)


I just dont have a picture of my other old fish Ferd, but he looks alot like Janet! Enjoy!! :lol:

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