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Some Pictures For Ya


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I dont believe i have showed pix of my *somewhat* finished 75 gallon, or my redone 40 gallon lately! here we go!




here is the 40 gal:


and the snail and betta tank(20 gal)


and the soon to be betta tank:


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Wow nice tanks smack! Your guys are so big and cute :heart _ :heart

I like your tank set-up and your bubble curtain.

How big is that soon-to-be betta tank?

Edit: nvm that question. you just said it was 20 gal lol. Your bettas are gonna enjoy having a roomy place to stay in, even if you divide it.

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Oh you have to tell me where you got that cute snail stuffed animal!! Too CUTE!!! :)


it looks like one i have, it's a ty beanie baby. i don't know if you can get that same one anymore, unless you find it on ebay :)


Thanks Kristy! :D You know where I will be then later today!! I gotta me one of those, Just too cute not too. :heart

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Thanks so much everyone for the comments! :heart

Wow, Smack! Those tanks are beautiful! My bettas are jealous!

I've thought about doing that to my 10 gal and seperating it 3 ways. What'd you use for the seperations. Plexi-glass? What kind of adhesive?


The dividers in the tanks are those report cover-binder thingies, and im gonna slide plastic canvas in them to divide it up. I stuck them on with aquarium sealant.

I see a choco in there  :yeah:

any chance you want to give him up :rofl3


actually....if you do want him....hes been a trouble maker since the day i got him...i'd be happy to get rid of that lil devil!

WOW! amazing tanks and fish!! they are all so beautiful!  :heart is that a white demekin in the 40 gal?  :druel your snails look huge 

are those little stockings for your fishies?


Yep, its a white demekin in the 40 gal and they are little christmas stockings! They got a big can of flakes and some brine shrimp for christmas

Wow you have such beautiful fish!  are they ryukins?

Good job on decorating the tanks theyre beautiful!


a few in the 75 are ryukins, and one in the 40 is :]

thanks again everyone! Ill post a pic of the betta tank as soon as i get it finished...i8m a little low on money at the moment :\

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