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2 Red Spots

Bert & Co.

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I just posted an obituary for my goldfish Bernie today. I'm now extremely worried that the same thing could happen to my other fish. Bernie was dying of some horrible fungus and I had to euthanize him.

I performed a complete water change in my 300-gallon stock tank pond and have my other 4 large fish in a bucket (they're used to that during cleanings). 3 look just fine but the 4th, my biggest and oldest, Bert, has 2 small red spots as if he might have injured himself and bled slightly. That's all a fungus needs to get started, and I'm so shocked by today's episode I can't go through this again.

How do I treat this? It looks like 2 tiny bits of red stuff possibly coming out from under 2 scales. Because it's dark when I get home and my fish spend most of their time in winter in their cave (piece of flat quartzite on top of 2 flat rocks, never lost any to predators since doing that), I don't see my fish but maybe once a week. I won't be able to keep a good eye on this fish.


1. How do I treat Bert to prevent the same horrific death?

2. What can I put in the pond water to minimize fungus, parasites, etc.? Will anything work in winter?

3. I shouldn't be feeding them this time of year, right? Even though they've been fed year-round as indoor fish before?

Thank you very much for your help. I have gone to great lengths to keep my fish due to a couple moves, they were outside fish, then inside fish, now back outside. I want to do everything I can to save the remaining 4.

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Sorry you lost one of your fish. :(

In order to better understand the dynamics of this situation, we need to know a bit more info before any sort of gameplan can be worked out. Could you answer all the questions from the red box above? I have a few more below:

Could you give us a timeline of the death of the fish and the inury on this other one?

Be specific about your process for cleaning the pond and filter.

Honestly, I think its going to take more attention then just once a week. You should check up on them daily from here on out for a while. To control, the spread of fungus over the sore, it should be swabbed with iodine for a total of two times in as many days. If the fungus never gets a hold of the sore, it should begin to heal (assuming this is mechanical injury). However, because you are wintering this fish, its immune system is going to be slowed down considerably. It might actually take wintering him in a temporary bin inside of your house until you can be sure the sore does not begin to go bad. Then, a slow acclimation to the temps outdoors could be done so that he can join the rest of the fish.

Post back soon. :)


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