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Strange Redness

Guest Phreno

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Test results: to my knowledge, ok. tank's been cycled for a looong time now

tank size: 29 gals

filters: 1 emperor 280

water changes: once a week, 50%

2 fish, both comets, 2-3 inches

prime, no meds, no new fish

omega one pellets, peas

strange red sore type thing right above the anal fin. Looks like its bleeding.

mild clipped fins, otherwise the fish is healthy

So, my friend noticed a strange red mark on her fish a few days ago, and asked me to post here. Any ideas? It looks like a bloody something, very wierd. There were apparently many, but the smaller ones dissapeared.

Thanks in advance.

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Look at it more closely..do you see a min worm or thread-like in the red area? If not he is probably hurting himself..do you have anything sharp in the tank? Plastic plants or such?

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