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Question About Meds


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Guest FinnyFriends

If you suspect that all of your fish are ill, then you could treat the whole tank.

Otherwise, you would not want to needlessly subject healthy fish or the water environment to treatment.

It is conventional fish-keeping wisdom that you treat only the ill fish in a seperate tank, often referred to as a hospital tank.

I want to encourage you to understand your fish's illness and make sure that you have the right medication.

Incase you are not sure what is meant by use of a hospital tank, ...my hospital tank is an old 10 gallon tank that I set up with a hang on the back filter, and an airwand connected to an air pump. I do not put charcoal into the filter; I only use the white cotton-y bag. Charcoal will remove the medicine from the water, so it is not advisable to use it while medicating. Also, I leave the bottom bare. I tend to leave the tank light off too, to give the fish some rest. Fishie stays in the "hospital" until you are certain he is well enough to return to the big tank.

Hosptial tanks can save you $$ on meds, because youdon't need to use as much medicine in the 10 gallon tank as, say, in a 55 gallon tank. However, please be sure that the tank you use as a hospital has enough volume for the size of the fish.

Good luck!

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